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Food First: Encouraging Residents to Eat More Calories and Avoid Nutritional Supplements

Unintentional weight loss is common among seniors. As many as one in four aging adults may experience unintentional weight loss without any underlying cause. While losing weight is common, it can have some adverse effects on your health and sometimes lead to malnutrition and/or dehydration. That’s why together with your food service partner, Culinary Services Group, LLC, we created the Enriched for Life Program.

In order to help residents maintain a healthy weight, CSG developed a fortified foods program called Enriched for Life. Enriched for Life has changed the way senior living communities like LifeQuest approach nutrition intervention. Your Registered Dietitians and Certified Dietary Managers will work together evaluating residents’ nutritional needs and preferences. When residents aren’t eating and require intervention, our philosophy is “food first,” before prescribing supplements.

Enriched for Life uses natural, rich, nutritionally dense foods to improve resident health. Our Culinary Team has selected comfort foods and simple menu items which are then fortified to taste great while giving residents the calorie and protein boosts they need. Enriched for Life program menu items include:

  • hot cereals
  • soups
  • shakes
  • smoothies
  • entrées
  • desserts

We use all natural ingredients to fortify these foods. Ingredients like whole milk, sugar and butter make traditional foods taste great while encouraging residents to eat more and stay healthy. Enriched for Life uses recipes which have been developed in Culinary Services Group’s own test kitchen and taste-tested by residents. CSG’s goal is to keep everyone eating their best.

Jocelyn Spreitzer, Director of Marketing
Culinary Services Group, LLC