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Today we said goodbye!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

By Elise  Adler

Today we said goodbye to Mabel (C.N.A) after 27 years of dedicated service. Mabel’s dedication to the residents at LifeQuest has been unwavering to say the least. You could always hear Mable’s kind words of encouragement and love to each of her residents as you walked through the halls of LifeQuest. Fellow employees lovingly referred to Mabel over the years as “Mother Mabel”.mabel-1

We will miss her smile and her great sense of humor, we are honored to have worked alongside you Mabel, we wish you good health and happiness always. You will be missed


Thursday, August 6th, 2015

We are proud to announce that Olga received her United States Citizenship on 7/6/15.olga1
Olga Gbur applied at LifeQuest in 2014 and we were happy to hire her due to her sweet caring personality and her experience in the nursing field from the Ukraine. Olga remains one of LifeQuest very best CNA’s, the Resident’s and staff are very fond of Olga and she does an excellent job caring for the Residents on a daily basis.
Olga Gbur was born raised in the Ukraine, she wanted to enter the nursing field due to her mother being very ill most of her life and passing away when Olga was only 8 years old. Olga and her brothers were raised by her mother’s sister.olga
Olga met her husband of nine years in the Ukraine and they moved to the USA in the Fall of 2007. Olga attended Allentown Carbon Community College and received her CNA license. Olga has 7 year old twin boys who are the loves of her life.
We wish her much happiness and continued success. Everyone is very proud of Olga!

A Special Moment at LifeQuest Nursing Center

Thursday, February 19th, 2015
blog - Lillian 2-15

Sam and Lillian

Lillian Yurgosky has kept a cherished family heirloom in her residence at LifeQuest Nursing Center.  The sculpture belonged to Lillian’s great grandmother and was passed down to her from her mother.  Recently, this bronze sculpture of a whistling boy fell off of her shelf and broke.  Lillian was heartbroken and called many local shops to try and have it repaired to no avail. Lillian then asked the Administrator, Sam Smith if he could possibly have it repaired for her.

Everyone in the facility knew how much this sculpture meant to Lillian, but Sam was at a loss on how to fix it.  He was told by several staff members that his Assistant, Elise Adler ‘s significant other, was a local sculptor/artist and may be able to help.  Ken Herzog, who is employed by Independent Casting in Philadelphia PA was more than happy to take on this special project for Sam and Lillian. The only payment that Mr. Herzog asked for was to see a picture of Lillian when she received the reconstructed sculpture.

Mr. Herzog very quickly completed this project and everyone was amazed at how wonderful the sculpture looked. Several staff members got together to give Lillian the sculpture to see her reaction. The sculpture was handed to her and as you can see by the pictures and the look on her face she was overwhelmed and surprised.  With tears

in her eyes, Lillian thanked everyone.  Everyone who witnessed this special eventphoto 2 photo 1was touched by her gratitude.

These are the moments that we will always remember, making a Resident smile in any way we can, is who we are at LifeQuest Nursing Center, this was truly a team effort.


LifeQuest Nursing Center Receives Award

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

LifeQuest Nursing Center Receives National Embracing Quality Award for Achievement in SURVEY PERFORMANCE

Diane Orzechowski, Administrator

LifeQuest Nursing Center was recently awarded the Providigm Embracing Quality Award for 2013 for exceptional achievement in Survey Performance. With only 295 facilities receiving awards in 2013, this puts LifeQuest in an elite group of skilled nursing facilities.

“The Providigm Embracing Quality Award program recognizes the highest performers in three categories,” states Barbara Baylis, Accreditation Program Director at Providigm. “Skilled nursing facilities are recognized for outstanding survey performance, preventing readmissions to hospitals, and for superior levels of customer satisfaction. The 2013 Providigm Embracing Quality Award winners are truly the cream of the crop nursing centers.”

Skilled nursing facilities were only eligible to win a 2013 Embracing Quality Award if they achieved standards for Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) as required by Providigm’s National Accreditation for QAPI. These standards ensure that facilities are assessing quality against the full federal regulation at an ongoing rate, encompassing a substantial proportion of their residents, and correcting identified issues.

“It is an honor to win the Embracing Quality Award for Survey Performance,” said Rebecca Burak, Director of Nursing. “This prestigious recognition is a tribute to the hard work of our employees and their dedication to providing excellent care to our residents.”

If you have any questions regarding this award or our Quality Assurance Program, please contact me directly at (267) 371-1601 or via email at [email protected].

About Providigm, LLC
Providigm creates quality improvement solutions for health care. Through Providigm’s web-based systems and comprehensive training, providers are able to improve the quality of care and life of their residents. Providigm’s patented abaqis® Quality Management System is the nation’s leading assessment and reporting system based on CMS’s Quality Indicator Survey. With its recent expansion in QAPI, Hospital Readmissions and Customer Satisfaction, abaqis goes far beyond survey readiness. Providigm’s accomplished Research Group provides the scientific foundation and cutting-edge methodology behind its quality systems. For more information, visit