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Visiting a Nursing Home Resident

It is not always easy for family members to visit with a loved one in the nursing home, especially if their loved one has problems with their memory or is having a hard time adapting to the nursing home.

Listed below are some tips on how to make the most of your visit:

  • A hug, back rub or holding hands feels great anytime!
  • Ask a resident what they’d like you to do for them.
  • Bring a treat if you’ve checked with the charge nurse for any dietary restrictions. Place the treat in a container or zip lock bag. If it needs refrigeration, ask one of the staff for assistance.
  • Do hand massages, shoulder rubs, manicures or fix someone’s hair. Everyone loves to be pampered.
  • Join the resident for our breakfast buffet on Tuesdays, lunch or dinner. Guest meals are $3 and can be purchased at the reception desk.
  • Many residents need encouragement to talk. You can be prepared with information about current events or share stories about yourself to give the conversation a boost.
  • Music therapy works. Sing hymns, songs from their era or music that you think they’d enjoy.
  • Photo albums with names/labels on the pictures will help the resident to remember people and events.
  • Read church bulletins and catch the resident up on what’s happening in his or her church.
  • Reminisce about the good old days.
  • Residents love children and dogs. If you’d like to bring a pet to visit at LifeQuest, it must be on a leash and be current with shots. Please provide the receptionist with a current copy of the pet’s shot record. Pets are allowed in resident rooms and dining areas, as long as food is not being served.
  • Residents might not always join in the conversation, but it is important to talk with them.
  • Residents need a change of environment and like to be outside in nice weather.
  • Trivia and word games keep the mind sharp.
  • Validate a resident’s feelings. If a resident says that his or her mother was in to visit, don’t disagree, even if that person’s mom couldn’t have visited because she has been deceased for 20 years. Just reaffirm the resident in the timeframe that he or she is in and say something like, “That was nice. I hope you enjoyed your visit.” It’s important to put yourself into their reality, don’t try to bring them to yours!!
  • The most important thing about visiting with a resident is just being there for them. Relax and enjoy your visit.