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First Annual LifeQuest Farmers’ Market

-Jessica Wilson
On Friday, August 15
th, LifeQuest Nursing Center hosted its first annual farmers’ market for both residents and staff to enjoy. The farmers’ market featured produce stands filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, fruit pies, and homemade pickles. The event was held outdoors, so residents were able to enjoy some beautiful summer sunshine while learning about produce and taking in the sights of the farmers’ market. Jerry from Pocono Pro Foods spoke to the residents about the produce featured in the event. He explained which items were locally grown and which items were imported from other locations. For example, the butternut squash on display actually came from the Dominican Republic because it is not currently in-season in our area. Other items, like the tomatoes, were locally grown in Pennsylvania or our neighboring state of New Jersey. Jerry’s presentation was very interactive, and the residents enjoyed asking questions and reminiscing about their own farm-fresh produce recipes. During the presentation, Culinary Services Group staff members were busy in the kitchen preparing beautifully-garnished trays of produce and cookies for the residents to sample. The large amount of empty plates in the dining room was an obvious sign of the event’s success. Later that afternoon, LifeQuest staff and residents’ family members were invited to purchase food from the farmers’ market, and over $200 worth of produce was sold.

James Wrigley, Food Service Director, is excited about the outcome of the event and is already planning to hold a similar Fall Harvest event just before Thanksgiving.